Quality Hotel Trophy

Information english

Information English

VÄNERSBORGS HOCKEY CLUB is now accepting team registrations for the 2023 Quality Hotel Trophy. The tournament is played in 2 divisions of 4 teams.  Round Robin/Group Play consists of 2 games on Friday, 1 game on Saturday. Team 1-2 from Group Play play A-Playoffs and team 3-4 will play B-Playoffs. Playoffs consist of semifinals on Saturday and a placemant game on Sunday  (All games are 2×20 min. stop time)

This very popular tournament includes 3 days of hockey with 2 nights at Vänersborgs best hotels including 3 meals Friday and Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday for only 1 900 SEK per person. (this includes players, coaches and family members.)  If your Friday game time or the distance you travel requires you to come in Thursday the extra night in hotel is 400 SEK per person and night.


All guests stay at the Quality Hotel or Arena Hotel, both are within 500 m of the Sports Complex. Rooms cannot be booked until the draw is complete as we make a block reservation to ensure all teams have rooms together. You should appoint a parent or leader as your hotel representative for communication purposes. The hotels have 2 bedrooms for adults and larger 6 bed rooms for the players. Single bed rooms can be booked at a cost of 350 SEK per person and night.

Dressing rooms

All teams will have there own dressing room for the whole weekend, with your own keys for access. Please see that all players have skate guards!


All players receive a participant’s award and there will be individual awards as well. Cup Champions will have their team name engraved on the Champions Trophy which has resided in the Club house since 1990.  The 2nd to 4th place teams will also receive a team trophy.


The registration fee for the tornament is 5000 SEK for U12-U15 and 7000 SEK for U16 – U20, when we receive your deposit we will send an email confirming your registration and you will be added to the Cup website as registered. The higher registration fee on U16, U18 and U20 is cause of higher referee fees.


The total cost of 1900 SEK per player, coach and family member is due 2 weeks before the Tournament. To be considered registered and guaranteed Hotel rooms we must receive a 10000 SEK deposit 5 weeks before. There is no refund of deposit after 5 weeks before unless the Cup is over subscribed and your team didn’t get a place.  Places are determined in the order the deposits are received by the bank. (There are some age groups that are always full early!) You will receive your Tournament package with schedule and hotel details 4 weeks before the Tournament.


E mail: cupansvarig@vanersborgshockey.se

Niklas: +46 707 749 007

Peter: +46 704 670 680